Our disinfectant machines are ideal for sanitation and epidemic prevention in offices, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, houses, buses, trains, schools and other public places. They are fast, reliable, efficient, effective and convenient.

New machines help to disinfect business facilities

Life has to go back to normal despite the coronavirus threat, therefore all countries are gradually coming out of their lockdown arrangements. As economic activity gradually picks up, more businesses are opening up to serve customers and schools are beginning to open. Since covid19 is still a huge challenge, there is need to protect the bus and train drivers, workers, customers, teachers and students from any viruses that may be in the air and surfaces after a cough or a sneeze. Therefore, businesses, transporters and schools have a duty to keep their premises disinfected.

Disinfecting surfaces and the air manually is too labor-intensive, slow, inefficient and inaccurate. Fortunately, new problems always inspire new solutions and the coronavirus pandemic is no exception. People are coming up with novel ideas and solutions for the challenges of covid19. For example, new machines have been designed with the idea of disinfecting businesses and any public spaces where people may gather. We spoke to the team at LAST SPRAY LLC – the company that is making the machines.

What are the two machines that you make?

We manufacture and sell a disinfecting sprayer and a disinfecting fogger machine. The machines are available online on our website.

Which businesses should use the machines?

Both machines are ideal for sanitation and epidemic prevention in offices, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, houses, buses, trains, schools and other public places. They are fast, reliable, efficient, effective and convenient.

Please describe the disinfecting sprayer. What are its advantages?

The disinfecting sprayer that we make is called LAST SPRAY Electric Sprayer. It is powerful enough to spray up to 19-23 feet (6-8 meters). It produces 50-micron particles of disinfectant and the particle size can be adjusted if necessary. Because the particles are very small, the surfaces don’t get too damp or wet.

Can the disinfecting sprayer be used in any country?

Yes. Any country that uses 110V power can use this machine without making any adjustments. Those countries that use other voltages for their mains power can simply use a transformer and possibly an adaptor for the plug. Other specifications include: tank capacity: 7 liters; power: 600-1000w; and spray volume: 400 ml/min.

What are the advantages of the disinfecting fogger machine?

The disinfecting fogger machine is called the Last Spray 360 System. This machine is more heavy duty and therefore it can disinfect larger spaces. It uses quaternary ammonium salt, an effective, nonirritant, and low toxicity disinfectant that has been recommended as disinfectant for the prevention of coronavirus by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention. It is especially effective for places with metal objects. The machine and the disinfectant work synergistically to kill bacteria, viruses, mycoplasmas and other pathogens in the air, walls, ceilings and in hidden corners by forming a fog that spreads everywhere. The fog can last up to 5 hours in a closed space.

The machine is easy to use and saves labor since is needs one operator who simply presses the start button and lets the machine do its work. It uses disinfectant efficiently, with 83ml covering 100m3 space. The surfaces never get wet.

What is unique about the disinfecting fogger machine?

This machine only needs a few minutes to heat up and the operator can set the disinfection time so that the machine stops automatically. According to tests done, it takes only two minutes to disinfect a 100m3 closed space. That is instant disinfection without the need to manually dilute disinfectant.

Can the disinfectant fogger machine be used in any country?

Yes, the disinfectant fogger can be used in any country because we make a 110V version and a 220-240V version. Therefore, countries that use 110V and those that use 220-240V mains power can use the machine. However, countries that use a different mains power simply need to use a transformer and maybe an adaptor with the machine.

What are the other specifications of the fogger machine?

Other technical specifications include power: 3000W (for the 220V version), 2400W (for the 110V version), tank capacity: 5 liters x 2; preheat time: 7 minutes; net weight: 21kg; dimensions: 560mm x 420mm x 430mm. Consumption rate is 5L x 2 to support 2 hours of disinfection.

What advice do you have for everyone?

If you have to run a business or a school, please disinfect your premises for your sake and for the sake of everyone who comes in.


Last Spray Announces Two Sprayer and Fogger Machines Amid COVID-19 Disinfectant Mandates


With over one million Americans having contracted COVID-19, as well as more than 90,000 lives lost to date, it’s more important than ever that companies, building owners, and everyday people do their part to slow the spread. As society works to return to normal in the coming months, there needs to be disinfecting efforts that prevent the sharing of the coronavirus among people, both for our lives, as well as our overrun hospitals.


Therefore, we’ve doubled down on our efforts to release the most important products available to hotels, office spaces, buildings, restaurants, and so forth today. We know that these businesses need an efficient, yet cost-effective solution for keeping their spaces totally coronavirus-free. That’s why we’re proud to announce the immediate availability of our disinfectant fogger machine, as well as our disinfectant sprayer.


With these machines, business owners will be able to control the cleanliness and safety of their spaces so they can go back to operating their businesses as normal. This need for disinfecting is placing a financial burden on so many businesses around the country, which is why we wanted to do something about it.


Here’s a little more about our two machine options:


The Last Spray 360 System

Our Last Spray 360 System will kill viruses, bacterial and pathogens comprehensively, on the surface, in the air, and in any corner. We made it with an easy-to-use setup by simply clicking the “start” button to begin. It uses 83 mL of disinfectant to protect surfaces against a wide variety of bacteria, virus, and mycoplasma.


This fogger machine is meant for more heavy duty spaces, saving owners on operating time and costs. We believe that no matter what kind of industrial space you own, safety is still a top priority today.


The Last Spray Electric Sprayer

Our electric sprayer was made with a more agile configuration for hotels and restaurants, spraying up to 50 microns onto surfaces without saturating them further. It can be adjusted for the person using it, and is perfect in smaller spaces, like within medical facilities or as an office disinfectant machine.


Your Coronavirus Disinfectant

We need to all come together right now as we move forward past this pandemic. We will survive, as we always have, but we need to be smart about it. If you are in the business for a new disinfectant machine, we’d love to talk further with you.




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